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Birthday Parties

Special Events

We are excited to offer a safe, fun, high-energy, and one-of-a-kind environment for birthday parties! No experience is needed from the planner or their guests. Just gather a group and be prepared to have an birthday party full of incredible martial arts fun you can't find anywhere else! Attendees will play martial arts games, learn basic techniques, fly through the air, break a board, and most important of all, sweat, smile, and laugh.

Our birthday parties are truly unique in the fact that they offer super dynamic, super active events in a space created to handle that level of action. We are proud to have an environment that emphasizes fun, yet prioritizes safety above all. Contact us to schedule your party for a day full of martial arts fun! 


Ninja Night Out


At Pacific Fusion Premier Martial Arts, we love to host Ninja Night Out for our students and their friends, not to mention their parents as well! Ninja Night Out was created to be a win-win for both parents and their kids—it creates time in the evening for parents to have fun, and it's an opportunity for the kids to have their own awesome night out in a safe space. 

During Ninja Night Out, we play all of our students' favorite games, martial arts and classics, such as flag sparring, dodge ball,  pillow fighting, and tag. There's everyone's favorite food, pizza, plenty of drinks, and even a movie to end the night. In addition, we always have two Ninja Night Outs during the same evening—the earlier one is for our younger kids and serves as more of a kid-sitting service; the later option is for our older students and is a relaxed time for them to hang out with each other. 

Ninja Night Out is not included in monthly tuition, so please contact us if your child would like to come have some ninja fun with us, or if you're wondering when the next Ninja Night Out is scheduled for. 

Self Defense Workshops

Our self defense workshops are designed just for pre-teens and teens (12-18 years old). These workshops focus on giving participants a wide variety of skills, physical and non-physical, to prepare them to face any situation and to prevent the situation from ever beginning. Participants will work on verbally setting boundaries with conviction, fearlessly using their voice, and carrying themselves with power and strength. After all, the best fight is no fight at all. 

Of course, verbal confrontation is not always enough to diffuse or prevent a situation, and this is when participants break into the next level. When verbal efforts fail, one must have the physical abilities to defend themself. In our workshops, we will work on hand-to-hand, situation-based self defense techniques. Participants practice these techniques together, with each other, and are instructed and lead by master instructor Mrs. A. The goal of the physical group work is to create muscle memory that the body can automatically call upon in the case of a crisis situation. 

Through these workshops, we hope to give participants the confidence to walk with a strength that means they will never be targeted as an easy victim. Please contact us if you are interested in booking a self defense workshop or if you would like more information. 

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