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Find us

9440 Sportsman Club Rd 

Suite #102

Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

Tel: 425-221-3712

Our Instructors

Nate Siems / Instructor 1st degree
Nate Siems / Instructor 1st degree
Anika Siems / Instructor 1st degree
Lillian Aduddell (Lili)
Teacher / Kyo Sah Nim

1st degree  Black belt


An accomplished competitive and traditional martial artist. 

Lili has over 11 years of experience.


Lili started her training at the age of 3 after watching from the edge of class each day, trying to imitate her older, positive mentor classmates, she wanted to be part of the experience in the class from the age of 2, often stepping into class and copying the upper belt juniors.


Through her martial arts class skills of goal setting, focus, determination, and positive encouragement from her instructors and fellow students she has been able to accomplish amazing results. Lili has been the number one (National Gold Medalist) in the United States, for her age and experience division, multiple years.


She now prefers to “practice like a champion” but stay in the local environment                 (she has retired). This means, in her words “I love my martial arts family and just enjoy the close feeling of the kids in regular classes”.

Stephanie Aduddell (Mrs. A) 

4th Dan Black belt Tae Kwon Do, 2nd Dan Black belt Moo Duk Kwan


I started my training in Los Gatos, CA in 1995 with Master Aduddell and Master Lam.    

My first rank of Black belt was achieved in 2003 with a lot of encouragement from family and friends. 


I have been owner/operator of a martial arts school for over 18 years. I am certified in 8 weapons and hold multiple Black Belts in Korean and Japanese styles.  

My favorite weapons are the Bo staff, and Sai. 


I approach teaching children with a “Love based- but you're accountable for your actions” style.


With a dance background some of the martial arts came easily (balance) and some of it was difficult. Like all potential/future Black Belts that set goals, I did not give up.


Coaching many young people with no athletic background from White belt, to National Champions has been a major part of my Martial Arts career. Many of these youth have gone on to achieve high levels of athletic competition in other sports, with PAC 10/12 College full ride scholarships. These current and former students credit their many years of training as “I never could have done this without my amazing martial arts experience."


I feel a societal and cultural responsibility to help children stick with something and not give up, but to overcome all obstacles to help prepare them to be future leaders.


Ken Aduddell

Chief Master / Chung Sah Nim

Founder / Do Joo Nim

6th degree Dan Black belt Tae Kwon Do, 3rd Dan Black Belt Tang Soo Do/Moo Duk Kwan, 4th Dan Black Belt Karate/Okinawan Weapons, Red sash Wu-Shu/Kung Fu.

Started training age 6 Seattle at WA Karate Association, Ballard.

Certified weapons expert by Black Belt Hall of Fame and North American Sport Karate Association World Champions Anthony Chan and George Chung. Weapons: Steel Whip, Escrima, Broadsword, Double Broadsword, Bo, Sai, Tonfa, Kama, Nunchaku, 3 sectional staff, Spear, Katana, Oar, Horse Cutter.

Assistant Instructor -NFL Martial Arts program for professional football players San Francisco 49ers, (1990-1992). Director of Curriculum, and Senior Instructor, 13 schools of Americas Best Karate. Student of Anthony Chan, first non Chinese born person in the world to travel and train with the Beijing Wu Shu National Team. First person to use Wu Shu forms in USA North American Competition. Considered the founder of Wu Shu Competition in USA. Student and first Master Instructor at Studio Kicks Saratoga CA with Larry Lam- Leonardo in the movie Ninja Turtles, Team Paul Mitchell Martial Arts 20-time Gold Medalist. 

Currently 6th Degree Black Belt. Wu Shu with Richard Branden- 6 time World Champion and Master Instructor, Black Belt Hall of Fame, and original stunt double for Power Rangers.

Instructor family tree includes Ernie Reyes, Bill Superfoot Wallace, He Ill Cho, Remy Presas, Hidy Ochiai, Tadashi Yamashita, Dan K. Choi.

Currently responsible for all Instructors, and all students ranked Red, Red/Black, and all Black Belts.

Coaching: WA State Tae Kwon Do coach for AAU 2003-2012

Coaching titles: All State and Regional Titles, all ages, all ranks in forms, sparring weapons for each year from 2003-2012 (over 100 titles).

Women’s, Men’s, Boys and Girls Black Belt and under belt Gold Medal National Champion Forms, Point Sparring, Olympic Sparring.

2005 Junior Olympics Triple Gold Medalist: Drew Mendoza, girls 8-9 Advanced rank. Forms, Point sparring, Olympic Sparring. 1st in WA state history.

Pete Siems / Instructor 1st degree
Pete Siems / Instructor 1st degree
Sterling Hudspeth/ Instructor 1st degree
Merida Prentice / Instructor Poom
Owen Knight / Instructor red

Our Cadet Program

Being a Cadet at Pacific Fusion is a natural progression for those with leadership skills, or for those who are eager to learn and develop those skills. Distinguished by wearing a bright Red Dobak, the Cadets are the link between students, and instructors. 

The position is volunteer but a Cadet's performance on the team is constantly being evaluated for future employment opportunities. There is competition for positions. The most reliable and best helpers will receive the first best offers. 

If you are interested in our cadet program you apply by contacting Master Stephanie Aduddell